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This town's not big enough for Mark Brunell and Todd Collins

[editor's note, by Skin Patrol] Speaking of "This town"... make sure to check out Washington area blogging celebrity Unsilent Majority's breakdown of the top five athletes in the DC area. Chris Cooley and Clinton Portis come in at 3rd and 2nd respectively, whereas Jason Campbell is expected to move up to 2nd by next year. I concur.
Per a Washington Post article on Redskins hopeful QB Sam Hollenbach comes a few interesting nuggets of info. First and foremost, in case there was ever a doubt, the Redskins will keep 4 quarterbacks:
The Redskins will carry three quarterbacks into the season and keep one other for the practice squad, which means six quarterbacks are fighting for four positions.
At this point we can presume Jason Campbell and nothing else. Why?
A source close to the matter said Redskins officials have indicated the team will not keep both Brunell, 36, and Collins, 35, on the active roster.
Not that earth shattering, as we'd discussed it previously. I thought that Collins was the odd-man out, but it could be Brunell. Hogs Haven reader(s) have been split on the matter, with TexSkins voting Collins and pookskins voting Brunell. So we grant either Brunell or Collins. That leaves two spots for Jordan Palmer, Casey Bramlet, and Sam Hollenbach. To the surprise of no one, Hollenbach's agent (George Mavrikes) says he's favored over Bramlet:
"If you're in Europe, you miss the OTAs [organized team activities], so you're behind the eight ball a little bit."
What may surprise reader(s) is this little tidbit on Jordan Palmer:
Though given more snaps than Hollenbach during the minicamp, Palmer appeared shakier, often throwing wobbly passes and missing his target.
Before reading the article I would have ordered it Bramlet > Palmer > Hollenbach with little difference between the first two. Now it appears that Hollenbach might have a real shot, and Palmer is the only one receiving bad press.

This competition is anyone's guess. Somehow, someway we'll end up with our 3rd string QB and our emergency Practice Squadder.