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Redskins crack top 10 most "elusive" runners twice

Hat tip to this Extreme Skins thread. I don't typically source posters at ES unless a link is provided, but a co-worker was actually talking to me about this list earlier so I think it's reliable. And here's your list, provided by ES poster skinsaddict2621:

  1. Willie Gilmore
  2. Dickie Post
  3. Joe Washington (the lightning to Riggins' thunder)
  4. Randall Cunningham
  5. Red Grange
  6. Bobby Mitchell
  7. Hugh McElhenny
  8. Marshall Faulk
  9. Gale Sayers
  10. Barry Sanders
Bobby Mitchell was the first black player on the Washington Redskins, joining us in 1962 until he retired in 1968. He was a pro scout for Vince Lombardi, who coached here by the way, and was with the organization until 2002. Oh-by-the-way he's a Hall of Famer. I cannot track down video of Bobby Mitchell, because he played so long ago, but you can view some photos here.

Joe Washington co-habitated -- as a RB, not as a heterosexual life partner -- with John Riggins from 1981-1984. In 1981 he actually led Riggins in both carries and yards, though John had 14 TDs to Washington's 4. As we look towards the future of the Portis/Betts running back combo, reflect on the effectiveness of the Riggins/Washington combo of 1983: The two combined for 2,119 yards rushing in 15 games, with John Riggins picking up the lion's share (1,347) along with a sick-nasty 24 touchdowns. Joe Washington was productive as well though, picking up an additional 454 yards receiving with 6 touchdowns. Betts is a great spell back for CP, but he's also got excellent hands coming out of the backfield. If those two can even approach the productivity of Riggins/Washington, we should have an incredible season.

Now watch Joe Washington return a kick for the Sooners against USC. It's pretty sick how much he has to dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge just to get the modest field position he finishes with. Music could not be more perfect:

Or this punt return against OSU: