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Yesterday a "league source" told PFT that Coach Cowher and the Redskins had met to discuss the Chin's possible landing in Washington as soon as 2008. A "league source" is a fairly typical source for PFT and, although I value that site immensely for its commentary and news, which is frequently correct, it was labeled a rumor here. Phew.

With at hat tip to my amigo Anthony Brown at Hog Heaven, the Official Site issued the following statement:

The following is a statement released by the Redskins in response to a report by the web site
"No one at the Washington Redskins has had any meetings or discussions with Bill Cowher or anyone else regarding any coaching position with the Redskins."
That is a categorical denial and I have no trouble taking the team's official response at face value over the intimations of unnamed league sources. That's the end of the Bill Cowher to Washington discussions, for now, and I'm pleased to be done with it. I love Coach Gibbs and hope he stays with the team indefinitely.

The fascinating part of the story for me was that the team officially responded to Pro Football Talk. That's a tacit acknowledgment of that site's legitimacy, even if it is a denial, and in spite of the fact that PFT is not affiliated with any news network. That an NFL team felt the need to deny reports from Mike Florio at PFT tells us at a minimum that teams read his website. It also tells us that he's credible enough to pipe down -- the team certainly wouldn't respond to any random rumor I started on this website, because I don't have a history of being correct in the past nor do I have any associations with credible sources. Also I'm kind of an idiot.

So congratulations to PFT for establishing relevance; I'm jealous. And good on the Redskins for embracing an alternative news source, even if it was just to deny their reports. That shows a level of internet savvy and awareness that is commendable, and I believe the team is way ahead of the curve in that regard.

As of right now PFT has not responded, though I'll try and update here when he does.

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