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Peter King's analysis is intangible

Used in this instance, much thanks to, in its 2nd meaning: 2. not definite or clear to the mind: intangible arguments

I say that because it wasn't at all clear what he had in mind in his latest quarterback rating, which troubled me ever so slightly. Hat tips abound to Football Outsiders, Stampede Blue, and especially my amigo Fooch at Niners Nation, who also provides one compelling reason why this thing is bogus -- Peter King quantifies "intangibles" (note: by definition incapable of being perceived, measured, etc.) to rate the quarterbacks. Anyways, here are his metrics:

As for how I arrived at my picks, other than with a divining rod, I used a few measuring sticks. I value wins from my quarterback, and that helped Manning and Brady, the leaders in victories over the last two years. I value postseason success, and their seven combined wins over the past two years is significant. Completion percentage and yards-per-attempt are the two passing stats I value the most because they tell you how often a quarterback succeeds in efficiently moving the chains through the air. Finally, intangibles. Brady led all passers with a 10 on a 10-point scale, because he's a coach, an offseason facilitator, a free-agent recruiter -- and he does it while retaining respect from the guys he often has to lean on hard.
I was under the impression that a divining rod, used to find water, was a measuring stick of sorts but what do I know. My main issue here is that he admits to valuing a bunch of things he summarily dismisses completely in the rankings. Being the 4th best winner on the list doesn't help Eli Manning out of 23rd, in spite of a respectable YPA and completion percentage... because he's a "4" at intangibles. Being 3rd to last in YPA, having a negative TD-Int, and being the 2nd least accurate passer included on the list didn't prevent Vince Young from getting a 7th ranking. That seems odd, especially when one considers some of the names below him: Phillip Rivers (more wins, better YPA, better completion %, +12 TD-Int, even identical "intangibles"), McNabb (more wins, better YPA, completion %, better TD-Int, same intangibles), etc. Just looking at guys 13-17, every single one has more wins, better YPA, and a better completion % than Vince Young. Which isn't to say that Vince Young won't finish ahead of all those guys, it just means that Peter King hasn't ranked the quarterbacks consistently with how he said he would.

Let me make clear what my complaint with Peter King isn't. This is not me saying that Jason Campbell, at 26th, is ranked improperly. By PK's metrics Jason does rank poorly -- he has medium to low YPA and completion %, a good TD-Int, but gets just "5" on intangibles, whatever the fuck that means (only two players were lower). Given King's explanation though, the 26th ranking is absolutely appropriate, even if it is ultimately wrong. I am trying not to be sour grapes.

Anyways, thought reader(s) might want one more reason to hate Peter King besides his cock-blocking of Art Monk to the HoF for so many years (though he has come around and we appreciate it). Hogs Haven very much looks forward to watching Jason Campbell forcefully prove Peter King absolute wrong on these rankings.

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