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Clinton Portis recovering from knee injury more quickly than anticipated

All good news on the Portis front; we start at the Official Site:

Clinton Portis, still nursing knee tendonitis and a shoulder injury, was able to participate in some drills and team work during all three days of Redskins mini-camp...

Portis said he was ahead of schedule with his knee and shoulder rehab...

Portis then asked coaches if he could increase his workload.

Said Portis: "I was just out running around and [the knee] felt fine. I wanted to do the drills. I asked [running backs coach Earnest Byner] if I could do anything, and he said, 'See how it feels.'

"I got in the passing drills and that went well, and I tried to see what I could do in practice."

CP ended up calling his own number in practice when it was presumed that he'd stay out. His unusually early participation was echoed elsewhere.

With Betts receiving ebullient praise as a backup (while admitting that he essentially took a paycut to remain in Washington, which we likes) I wasn't all that concerned over Portis' recovery. And now I'm especially impassive as he's well ahead of schedule. Also, word is his shoulder is just fine, too:

Asked if he thought the shoulder might be a problem once he absorbs a hard tackle, Portis replied: "I don't think so. The doctors really focused on strengthening my shoulder. I have more range of motion than they originally thought. I am able to do some things that I didn't think I would be able to do."
Best case scenario is that Clinton Portis returns to 2005 form which was none too shabby. The only difference is now he is joined by a reliable, accomplished running back in Ladell Betts and a team familiar and committed to the Al Saunders' offensive scheme.