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Kedric Golston and Jon Jansen involved in "scrum"

Not my words, but those of Jason La Canfora at Redskins Insider:

There was a mild scrum late in yesterday's practice, with tackle Jon Jansen and defensive tackle Kedric Golston the primary combatants at the bottom of a pile on, but nothing major. There was as scuffle between Jansen and Golston at training camp last summer as well. "Boys will be boys," defensive lineman Anthony Montgomery said. "That's the perfect way to end mini camp."
I disagree with Anthony Montgomery; my favorite way to close camp was with ice cream sandwiches. But scrums work too, I guess.

That this is a repeat incident is the only thing of note, in my opinion, as the physical demands of football -- especially on the line -- welcomes antipathy. I like that Jon Jansen is willing to go after one of the young players on the team, because it tells me that he's still very much willing to take the battle to his opponent's door. And I like that Kedric Golston doesn't take stink, even from the veterans. And I like that Anthony Mongomery likes fighting. This might qualify as "swagger", even as meaningless as that descriptive probably is.

What makes me sadface is the possibility that Jansen might don the now famous Chris Cooley short shorts. Cooley barely pulls it off and I don't mind wondering aloud whether the nearly 310 pound Jansen can risk such an aggressive fashion statement. More importantly, can we risk it?