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He would like the Cowboys...

This marks the first time Hogs Haven ventures into the dangerous area of Foreign Policy. The House of Saud is the ruling royal family of Saudi Arabia. They are not elected.

Anyways, some 800 billion in Saudi state money somehow found itself outside of the Kingdom, unaccounted for, and can be credited to the corruption within the Saudi Royal Family. Or else just human forgetfulness. Afterall, I lose shit all the time. My car keys, for instance, or the remote control. Sometimes I'll find it in the bathroom, or even in my car, or not at all. It is quite tragic. I can't explain why but for whatever reason, as soon as I get my hands on a clicker I feel compelled to pocket the damned thing and then who knows where it will end up.

At any rate, we can account for at least $150 million of the lost funds, which found its way to "His Royal Highness Prince Bandar bin Sultan bin Abdulaziz of the House of Saud" (oh don't look impressed, there's like 200 of these guys. I'm probably a Saudi prince and just don't know about it yet):

Along with allegations of impropriety in his acceptance of over £1 billion ($2 billion) from British defense contractor BAE comes the news that a £75 million ($150 millon) Airbus 340 was given to him for his birthday in 1998--painted blue and silver, the colors of his favorite American football team, the Dallas Cowboys. Bandar is said to be a close friend of Cowboys owner Jerry Jones.
Well of course the corrupt, autocratic House of Saud would love the Dallas Cowboys. They are, afterall, America's Saudi Arabia's Team!

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