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Not. Good.

Per Redskins Insider:

The Skins top draft pick, and the sixth overall pick in the draft, safety LaRon Landry, is not practicing today, and probably will miss the entire weekend mini camp, Bubba Tyer said.

Landry took a shot to the groin this week and was walking pretty gingerly. One look at him and you could tell something just wasn't right with his gait. Landry, without a helmet or pads, stood on the sidelines for about the first 25 minutes of special teams practice, and just walked back to the facility a minute ago. Bubba said he is day to day and it's nothing to worry about long term, just a freakish injury.

Hopefully it is nothing lingering, though we'll keep you posted. Hogs Haven has a groin and all its attendant appendages. Like most males, we've seen our fair share of sharp edges, feet, or otherwise harmful objects collide painfully with that region. Thus we sympathize with LaRon and his pain right now.

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Shawn Springs is also in absentia from minicamp today:
Also on Friday, cornerback Shawn Springs had to leave mini-camp practice early due to a family matter. Springs had reported to Redskins Park for off-season work on June 5, but he had to leave the same day when his pregnant wife went to the hospital. Springs attended the birth of his son on June 12.
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