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Saints now represented on SB Nation

Even the logo is written well.

I don't want to ruin the introduction of our newest, bestest, superlatively endorsed NFL blog, Canal Street Chronciles (covering the Saints) with my cheap and failed attempts at humor or banter, so let me just say this: Sunil, the head dude at CSC, is an outstanding writer. I typically visit my fellow NFL blogs when the need arises, for instance when our two franchises cross paths somehow or someway. Canal Street Chronicles will be visited daily regardless of whether it is at all relevant to our Redskins. This is mostly because Sunil is an impressive blogger, and partially because I have a man crush on Drew Brees.

Do yourself a favor and go read his White Paper. That's how you introduce a blog.

PS: We're just two blogs short of a full NFL deck, with the Chargers and Cardinals unrepped.