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Sean Taylor is good enough for Pete Prisco

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Even if none of the other Redskins were. First, hat tip Extreme Skins for tracking down Pete Prisco's Top 50 Players list (because everyone loves a list!).

38. Sean Taylor, S, Washington Redskins: This big-hitting safety has the range you like to play the pass. He plays with an attitude.
In a perfectly ordered world, there are 704 starters in the NFL (11x2 starting positions on offense and defense, x 32 NFL teams). If they were ranked conveniently with equal representation per NFL franchise, you would have a guy listed once every 22 players, meaning teams should have 2.27272727... guys on this list. We have one. Actually it's worse, since we didn't even make the barely mentioned which included another 17 someodd players. You win 5 games, this kind of thing happens.

You know what's awesome, though? Roy Williams is nowhere to be found. Sean Taylor ranks 3rd among Safeties and reigns supreme in the NFC East, if Pete Prisco is to be trusted. I might consider Santana Moss and Clinton Portis for this list, though he makes it clear that placement is ranked heavily by recent performance. Neither had outstanding seasons last year.

Have at the list, reader(s).