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TSN: Redskins have best Tackles in the NFC

Everybody loves a list.

Hat tip to Extreme Skins for tracking down The Sporting News' NFC Offensive Tackle Ranking where Your Washington Redskins rate as the standard:

1. REDSKINS Left tackle Chris Samuels has good agility, strength and versatility and has improved in handling speed rushers. Jon Jansen is strong at the point of attack and has improved his technique on the right side.
Chris Samuels also breaks their Top 5 OTs, in the same link:
4. Chris Samuels, Redskins. Samuels is athletic, durable and intelligent and flashes dominance in the running and passing games.
Love it now, Redskins fans, because Jon Jansen is already north of 30 and Chris Samuels will be on July 28th. I have confidence that both players have some years in the tank, though injury frequency will likely increase and we will need to groom replacements in the near future.

Let me also add that in this era of free agency, it is refreshing to have two guys on the roster who have been lifelong Redskins for years. We drafted Jon Jansen in 1999 and Chris Samuels a year later, and the two have combined for 219 starts for the team. Chris Samuels has missed just five games as a pro and, outside of an injured 2004, Jansen has only missed one game (2006). Both represent the quintessential "core" Redskins we're always talking about but never qualifying, as they've been with the team forever, are descendents of the legendary Hogs, and are high character persons as well.

You both represent this great franchise so well, and we appreciate it.