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I've got nothing.

Very slow this morning and I have some real life things to attend to, as well as some other tubenets responsibilities mentioned shortly. Let me direct you to Redskins Insider where Jason La Canfora is looking for input on an upcoming story he's writing for the Post, charting out the top five story lines to watch through mini and training camp. What he's got thus far:

  1. The Mustache's development.
  2. Will the defense rebound?
  3. 2006 free agents and how they'll perform -- Randle-El, Lloyd, and Carter mentioned.
  4. Todd Wade's replacement of Derrick Dockery.
  5. Whether our special teamers have what it takes.
Indulge me, and Jason, and head over to his blog with some feedback. I think these are as fine a five story lines to follow, though I might additionally consider the tight battle at cornerback, the development of Anthony Montgomery and Kedric Golston, progress of Rocky McIntosh and LaRon Landry. In other words, I think there's a lot of interesting things going on this training camp and look forward to following it closely.

The Blogroll is growing. I've added a few that should have been up there for ages, along with a link to The Redskins Encyclopedia website in case you wanted one. The biggest addition is Riggo's Rag, the newest addition to the Redskins Blogosphere complements of the Just The Fans network, which is growing quickly. I'm looking forward to blogging with dwagner, the host of Riggo's Rag, and by all accounts he appears to be a knowledegeable, passionate Redskins fan.

I am also going to do some guest blogging for an amigo of mine over at Double T Nation, SBN's Texas Tech blog. If anyone wants to follow me over there to hear about my favorite CFB Coach, Mike Leach, you are more than welcome., 2007 Mini-Camp: Five Storylines to Follow