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Please welcome Baltimore Beatdown

A worthy foe.

Hogs Haven welcomes Black Raven of Baltimore Beatdown, newest addition to the Sports Blog Nation and resident Ravens expert. This is where I'd say something disparaging about their team, except Baltimore won 13 games last year and we won 5, so I'll just shut the fudge up.

It is great to see our regional rival in Baltimore finally represented here on the network, so hopefully we can turn the geographic proximity between our two teams into some quality cross-blogging content for reader(s) to enjoy. Also, Baltimore GM Ozzie Newsom is frequently cited (right or wrong) as one of any number of examples used to contrast against the Redskins, as he is a competent GM who chooses talent well... and we don't even have one. Hopefully we can challenge that paradigm starting in 2007.

Now is as good a time as any to point reader(s) towards our incredible, brand-spanking new SBNation Portal, which has loads of new features and is imminently easier to navigate than our previous version. It has a Feature Posts (I am not too humble to admit I've been featured) and Feature Blogs sections, full list of recent posts organized by Baseball, Basketball, Football, and General, among other neat crap. If reader(s) happen to be a company hoping to advertise on SBN, there's also a good bit of information that was previously lacking all over the site, including this high praise from Sports Blogosphere Icon Will Leitch of Deadspin.

Anyways, welcome aboard Baltimore Beatdown.