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Shawn Springs is back, er. Wait, ok yea he's back

Because nothing else is happening, per the Official Site Shawn Spring's gone-today-here-tomorrow-but-gone-day-after-tomorrow-but-back-again-today routine is finally over, and he's back:

Cornerback Shawn Springs re-joined the team on Tuesday, participating in meetings and a two-hour walk-through practice.
Springs is scheduled to speak to the media on Wednesday.

Springs attended the birth of his new baby boy recently. He had reported to OTAs on June 5, but had to leave the same day when his wife went to the hospital. He did not return to Redskins Park until Tuesday.

Several players reported that head coach Joe Gibbs announced Springs' new baby during a team meeting on Tuesday morning.

Hogs Haven extends a big congratulations to the Springs on their new baby boy (we think?). If it is in fact a boy then this kid has one impressive pedigree, being not only the son of Shawn Springs but the grandson of former NFL running back Ron Springs. This sets the stage for an especially contentious allegiance battle in the Springs household, as Ron played the bulk of his career for the Cowboys.

Or maybe it doesn't? Shawn Springs played the majority of his career for the Seahawks and could very easily be playing his last in Washington this year. This raises an interesting question about where the actual players' long-term allegiances stand in this era of free agents and roster recycling. Darrell Green is, presumably, a Redskin at heart. But he also enjoyed exceptional longevity with this team that likely won't be rivaled ever again by anyone on any team. It's easy for us fans to identify our favorite players as Redskins, but do they do the same for us? Will we forever be the favored fan-children of Shawn Springs or is he a Seahawk? Or will he adopt the fans of wherever he ends up next?

Article also puts the quietus on the Shawn Springs to safety rumors that circulated earlier this offseason:

One thing is certain: Springs will not transition to safety, a move that he discussed shortly after the 2006 season. Springs had said that he preferred playing cornerback, but he thought he could move to safety to help prolong his NFL career.
Which is just as well, since we burned a pick on Laron Landry anyways and scooped Omar Stoutmire as a free agent. We're just happy that Springs is back practicing with teammates and that everything sounds to have gone well with the birth of his child. Congrats and welcome back.

Please do not get injured this year.