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Phillip Daniels is the monster under your bed

Hat tip to Zee Bogger for finding the Skinscast coverage of the Jessie Armstead Celebrity Hoops Classic which included Redskins Phillip Daniels, Demetric Evans, and Big Joe Salave'a. Why defensive linemen only? I don't know, but these guys can play. Dan Steinberg seemed especially impressed by the fact that a 317 lbs Joe Salave'a was slotted as the shooting guard, and performed admirably in that capacity.

What caught my eye is that Phillip Daniels is apparently a freak of nature, emphasis mine:

Phillip Daniels showed he had hops from the opening tip... The Lake Forest squad hung in there for a while, but they could not contain Daniels or [former Redskins Ryan] Clark. The Redskins players eventually built a 22 point lead. The day was capped off by two thunderous jams towards the end by Daniels.
JC at Skinscast provides brilliant photography from the event, and I am eternally in his debt for an amazing picture (not at all doctored by this web blogger, or maybe it is) of Phillip Daniels doing something very unnatural looking with a basketball, much to the horror of those around him.

The basketball represents your soul. It's called symbolism. Can you find any other examples of symbolism in this picture?

Paint me with giggle-inducing poop and pee stains on my pants! I am mature. impressed that a nearly 300 pound Phillip Daniels can move so well with the basketball. I wouldn't call it graceful, as nothing about this picture suggests grace, but rather he carries his ginormous frame with the kind of deliberateness you'd expect from bigfoot. Or perhaps Beezlebub himself.

How his slam-dunk and soul-eating skillz translate to the football field in 2007, I leave for reader(s) to speculate. But were I lining up between a quarterback and his natural predator, please God do not let that predator be Phillip Daniels. Photojournalism tells us that it's probably best just to move out the way.