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Anatomy of a Redskins Youtube video

For the record, I really haven't the foggiest idea how to make a Youtube video. I can't even figure out iTunes or upload pictures off a digital camera. But I know how to watch Redskins youtube videos as well as the next guy. Here's what we're looking for:

First Step: Find a critical Redskins moment that drips importance. Needs to end favorably as well. Occurrence in a big-time game a plus, for instance anything agains the Cowboys, NFC Championships, or especially a Super Bowl. Presence of Redskins' legends also positive. Super Bowl MVP John Riggins' 43-yard touchdown run against the Miami Dolphins on 4th and 1 will do.

Second Step: Music is important. NFL Films legend Sam Spence is responsible for all the goofy music you hear in the really old NFL classic videos. You can hear a sample of that kind of music here, or just watch that Fantasia dionsaur scene until you puke, because that's what they all sound like. The bottom line is that Sam Spence is a pimp for his place in NFL lore, but that music just doesn't inspire. It's goofy. It makes me think of elves dancing around in tight green pants. I was raised in a different age where moods were decided and packaged by the talking pictures box. The big screen, mang. Especially movies where the protagonist walks the fine line between good guy and total bad ass (think: Kurt Russell) while destroying anything that walks in their path. In other words, it should be "Gladiatoresque". Or just straight rip something from the movie Gladiator, that works too.

Third and final step: Video is clutch. We have our setup with a score, now all we need is to decide what to populate it with. Eternal slow-motion will definitely do the trick, combined with some close ups of big hits. Defenders hopelessly clutching and losing Burgundy and Gold jerseys is a must. Throw some scoreboard with the down and distance in there for dramatic effect. Opposing coaches are a great way to set the mood for their eventual failure. Crucial: make sure you close with images of dejected opponents contrasted with your own heros, smiling and impressed with themselves.

Mix all parts together and you might get something like this: