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Hogs Haven welcomes our Carolina Panthers Blogger

We welcome blogger Jaxon and Cat Scratch Reader, the newest addition to Sports Blog Nation and rep for the Carolina Panthers. He explained the blog-naming thusly:

As I was brainstorming on some name options I thought of a panther scratching with its paw and the first thing that popped in my mind was Ted Nugent's rock anthem Cat Scratch Fever. Except in my inner dialogue it went "CAT! SCRATCH! FEVER! Downt! Downt! Dooow!" like the song goes. But of course I couldn't use it exactly as I certainly don't want the Motor City Madman coming after me considering his affinity for guns. So I replaced "Fever" for "Reader" as you certainly surmised. My hope though is that every time you think of the blog your inner dialogue goes like this "CAT! SCRATCH! READER! Downt Downt Dooow! You can hear it now can't you?
Which prompted me to find out if Hogs Haven fits any popular tune. Reader(s), are invited to assist me in that task.

Mean-ass looking animal, check. Football related gear, check. This is a good blog mascot.

Looks like SBN is now just four blogs away from a full NFL deck, lacking only reps for the Saints, Cardinals, Ravens, and Chargers. If reader(s) know of good blogs that they'd like brought into the fold for any of those teams, shoot me an email.