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Mock Drafters are insane

If ever you needed evidence that Mock Drafts were insane, that they too often speculated or provided little substantive information of interest, look no further than this 2008 Mock Draft per The Football Expert.

It uses this year's draft order. As it would be a cosmic coincedence if all the team's finished in exactly the same place by the end of 2007, the only value the draft has is hyping (up or down) individual players or looking ahead at future needs. Neither endeavor is all that meaningful, in my opinion. Anyways:

6.  Washington Redskins-Glenn Dorsey-DT-LSU-The Redskins will need the help on the defensive line and Dorsey could be available and be worth their pick in the 2008 NFL Draft.
The real purpose of Mock Drafts is just to take our mind off the fact that it's the offseason. I appreciate that which is why Hogs Haven devoted some face time to the Mock Draft phenomena. But I maintain that it's still just a wee bit early to look towards 2008.