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Redskins moving up!

We are literally flying up Pete Prisco's Power Rankings. At the close of the 2006 season, he had Your Washington Redskins listed at a very earned 29th in the league. Now? 28th.

They haven't done a lot to make this team better -- surprise, surprise, they didn't spend much -- and that will put a lot of pressure on Jason Campbell, now the full-time starter. Bill Cowher in 2008?
I can't tell if Pete is being snarky or what. If anyone should be surprised by the Redskins reluctance to spend big this offseason it would be Prisco, since he had this to say in January:
The fact they finish this far down is a major disappointment. I can't wait to see the knee-jerk reactions from Dan Snyder.
Where I'm presuming that the "knee-jerk reaction" he can't wait to see was financial. If there was any doubt, he made it explicit in Feb.:
Wonder if Dan Snyder will be more cautious with his money in the coming free-agency period? Doubt it.
Then why the faux "surprise surprise"? And if that was for real, why criticize the team for not helping itself much in the offseason? Either the team remains relatively responsible fiscally yet fails to address needs or acquires a bunch of players and draws your ire for overspending. Damned if you do... Also, the Lions are better than us.