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Sean Taylor is a bad, bad man.

Hat tip: Extreme Skins.

AOL Sports lists Sean Taylor as the 2nd Baddest Man on the Planet behind only UFC fighter Chuck Liddell. This Redskins fan has no problem admitting fair point -- Chuck Liddell is in fact very, very bad. Anyways, on Taylor:

No. 2 Sean Taylor, Redskins safety
With an incredible mix of speed and size, Taylor is one of the biggest hitters in pro football. The former Hurricanes star punishes hitters (sometimes crossing the line), launching himself into the middle of the action with his 6-foot-2, 232-pound frame. Reggie Bush, here, and a Pro Bowl punter know what it feels like to be hit by Washington's runaway train.
It's a fine list, I guess, with Sean Taylor on top of both Shawne Merriman and Brian Urlacher. I'd hear arguments for both those guys, though I'm pleased to see Taylor reign supreme in the NFL.

What strikes me as odd is the fan vote where Sean Taylor currently holds just 1%. The third "Baddest" man on the planet, as AOL Sports voters would have you think, is Tiger Woods. Uhhh, yea. He's totally intimidating.

Joe Theismann dominated another list, both per AOL and their voting public: Most gruesome sports injury.