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Hilton and Madise on, (Kerry) Carter, and Sele gone

Per the Official Site:

The Redskins have added depth to the tight end corps with the signing of four-year NFL veteran Zach Hilton, the team announced on Monday.
The Redskins also signed first-year wide receiver Adrian Madise and released running back Kerry Carter and wide receiver Taylor Sele.
The Hilton signing is the big news but we already knew that.

Adrian Madise is a WR out of Texas Christian though he does not have his own bio yet so I don't know much about him. Per Hog Heaven he played for the Denver Broncos. Reader(s) are invited to research and get back to this thread.

Kerry Carter signed with the Redskins as a UFA in January of '06. Suffered a season ending knee injury at the start of last season and never recovered. The addition of Blaylock to the roster was the nail in the coffin for Carter.

Taylor Sele was an undrafted rookie out of Boston College with just 296 receiving yards in his college career. He was brought in as a possible special teams guy and clearly was not ready for the NFL.

These cuts will continue for a while so don't get too attached to your favorite Cinderella story. The fact of the matter is most teams bring in loads of undrafted rookies and cut players to compete for limited spots on the roster hoping for that diamond in the rough. The vast majority of the time there is a good reason why these players were neither drafted nor retained by other teams.