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Privation of Robert Royal affects us all, man

As Chimpanzee Rage at Deuce of Davenport points out, he's missed:

Oh how us Redskins fans miss Robert Royal. Seriously, we do. I don't think we have a tight end that can catch the ball other than Cooley...besides the scrubs young talent we brought to camp. Anyway, I was up late scouring the web for porn interesting stories to blog about and I came across Robert Royal's myspace page.
Which of course provides the attendant insane pictures that demand caption contests and etc. Like this one, for instance:

Too much going on in this picture for snarky comments to do it justice.

I'm one of the 13 people in America without a Myspace account, so I can't actually witness the hilarity without an Enraged Chimp providing me the glorious details. Which are (in order of gloriousness):

  1. Robert Royal don't read books.
  2. Robert Royal likes his daughter, money, football, and Playstation 2 in that order.
Strange, I would've used part of his 2.5M signing bonus to purchase myself an awesome new Playstation 3, which retails for an arm and a leg.

I do miss Robert Royal and not just because he's hugging the strange bearded man above. Royal's four touchdown receptions in 2004 were sorely missed and, unless my math is wrong, constituted exactly four more than Brandon Lloyd had last year. Here's to hoping either Zach Hilton or Tyler Ecker can fill the pivotal role of that guy (we pass to if Chris Cooley isn't open). Best of luck in Buffalo, Robert.