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Coming soon: The Redskins Encyclopedia, the Definitive History of the Redskins

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Update [2007-5-10 11:59:2 by Skin Patrol]: The Redskins Historian and author of the The Redskins Encyclopedia, the Definitive History of the Redskins contacted me. Should you have any questions about the project or Redskins history, feel free to email him at:

Michael Richman
Redskins Historian & Freelance Writer

Thanks to Michael. Hogs Haven plans on ordering its official copy in the near future. Cheers, and HTTR.

Taken (with permission) from bono44 at Extreme Skins:
For those who'd like that one, go-to, source on the history of the 'Skins, a friend of mine is the Redskins historian (yes, they have a historian) and has just completed the "definitive history of the Washington Redskins." He's spent a great deal of time and energy and put together a great book with loads of photos, bios, anecdotes, and stats.

It won't be in book stores until late August but it can be pre-ordered at a discount on Amazon here.

Details are as follows:

"Hail to the Redskins" and Redskin-mania have consumed the nation's capital since 1937, the Redskins' first year in Washington. The fervor is much stronger today.

Amply illustrated with 200 photos of players, coaches, and fans, The Redskins Encyclopedia is a must-have book for anyone who has ever bled burgundy and gold. The book chronicles the franchise's first 75 seasons, re-living the great--and not so great--moments in the team's storied history, and the men who helped make Sundays memorable. Every period in Redskins history comes to life in the most comprehensive account ever about the franchise. Readers can find a treasure-trove of anecdotes, quotes, trivia and other info that will keep them glued to the pages.

There are biographies of some 120 players, among them legends in Redskins lore who hold lofty places in the NFL history books, from Sammy Baugh to Darrell Green to Art Monk to Sonny Jurgensen to Charley Taylor to Joe Theismann. The franchise's greatest coaches also receive their due.

There is also a detailed compilation of honors, records, draft picks and statistics.

Fans can read about:

*Coaches like George Allen, the eccentric, passionate man who left a legacy as an NFL pioneer, and Joe Gibbs, who formed a D-Y-N-A-S-T-Y.

*Players like star running back and all-time Redskins ground-gainer John Riggins, who once told Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Conner to "loosen up, Sandy baby," and Doug Williams, the first starting black quarterback to win a Super Bowl and Super Bowl MVP honors.

*The franchise's golden run of four Super Bowl appearances--and three wins--in the 1980s and early 1990s

*The legendary Redskins-Cowboys rivalry

*The Redskins' calamitous quarter-century stretch of no playoff appearances (1945-1970)

Encyclopedia will retail at $35.00 though you can order your copy from for $23.10. I have every intention of purchasing this book and will review it for your reading pleasure as soon as it comes out.

I also plan on having some sort of contest to award a Hogs Haven reader with a free copy of the Encyclopedia, though details will be released once I actually get my hands on a few copies of it. If you have any questions about the book, just email me and I'll try and get some answers. Cheers.