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Bramlet Der anstößige Spieler von der Woche!!!

Which apparently means Offensive Player of the Week. Hat Tip: Extreme Skins.

Per uhm, this:

Quarterback Casey Bramlet, der mit seinen drei Touchdown Pässen den Teamrekord von Brock Berlin aus dem vergangenen Jahr einstellte, wurde zum ,,Offensive Player of the Week" gewählt. Bramlet brachte 18 von 27 Pässen für insgesamt 220 Yards an den Mann und erzielte damit ein hohes 113,2 Rating.
Here comes your absurd Tubenet translation!
Quart cheek Casey Bramlet, that adjusted the team record of Brock Berlin with its three Touchdown passports out of the past year, was selected to the "offensive Player of the Week".  Bramlet brought 18 of 27 passports for altogether 220 yards at the man and obtained therewith a high 113.2 Rating.
Quart cheek Bramlet brought some serious passports at the man. Fight the power, Casey!

Somewhere amongst the passports and cheeks and man and adjusted records and therewiths, our NFL Europa 4th 5th 6th who-knows string quarterback earned Offensive Player of the Week honors for his 220 yard, three touchdown performance. If you want the scoop without the hilarious failed translations, just go to NFL Europe's website. Bramlet's zukunft mit der mannschaft (apparently "manshaft" is the German word for team. Seriously, Germany?) is uncertain, given that he's now one of six quarterbacks currently on the Redskins roster. Jason Campbell is immediately backed up by Mark Brunell (who is recovering from surgery) and Todd Collins. The 'Skins added Jordan Palmer out of UTEP in the draft, though are also giving Maryland Terp QB Sam Hollenbach a look. Which of those three can win the coveted 4th string QB position is anyone's guess, though my money is on Jordan Palmer. A few more anstößige Spieler von der Woche(!!!) for Casey Bramlet could certainly help his case, though.