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Zach Hilton almost a Redskin

Forgot to mention this earlier, though per Redskins Insider:

TE Zach Hilton was offered a contract tonight by the Skins I am told, and the Silver Spring native badly wants to play here. He'll go in tomorrow to take a physical and knock out some paperwork, and barring an unlikely setback, he'll be signed too. He's 6-8 with some good upside and plays a position where he has a to battle Todd Yoder and not a whole lot else to make the team. I think he could end up being a real nice addition as well.
Not much on Hilton, as he only accumulated stats in 2005, though did admirably enough that year. He picked up a cool 400 yards receiving likely in virtue of his height. At 6'8 he's a giant compared to many linebackers and defensive backs. He lists at just under 270 lbs as well, making him the largest TE on the roster should he sign. He'd also be the tallest man on the team, matched only by Todd Wade.

Physical beast he is, proven veteran he is not. Hilton has a long way to go to prove his salt in the NFL although he is a four year veteran. He'll be joining Chris Cooley, Todd Yoder, Eric Edwards, and 7th round pick Tyler Ecker on the roster. Ecker has a huge upside as well, and is no midget. At 6'6 he's taller than any of the other TEs, though could do himself a huge favor by bulking up. He's got the right attitude:

"I'm going to do whatever [coaches] ask me to do," Ecker said during Redskins' Rookie Camp. "If my role is to block, I'll block. If my role is to catch balls, I'll catch balls. It's whatever I can do to get on the field. That's what I'm going to do.
Eric Edwards smells like the obvious odd man out here.