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Redskins sign RB Derrick Blaylock

Per the Post:

The Washington Redskins and free agent running back Derrick Blaylock agreed to a deal last night, following his participation in the weekend rookie minicamp...

A veteran of 51 NFL games and a return specialist as well, Blaylock, 27,worked out this weekend without a contract, but reached a verbal agreement with the team last night, according to his agent Michael Huyghue. Terms of the deal were not available.

I cannot imagine those terms are beyond league minimum, as Blaylock enters a backfield behind Portis, Betts, and Cartwright. I doubt he can beat out either Randle-El (punts) or Cartwright (kickoffs) for return duties, though the latter would be the easier target.

More likely, the team sees a lot of value in a two-back system and recognizes that injuries happen, as they did last year. Saunders knows Blaylock and has used him productively in this offensive scheme as recently as 2004. He probably will not supplant either Betts or Portis, though he could become the complementary guy in front of Cartwright should either CP or Ladell go down with injury. Redskins now have seven RBs (as well as fullbacks Nehemiah Broughton and Mike Sellers) so this cannot be good news for Kerry Carter, Terry Caulley, and Marcus Mason. All presumably compete with Blaylock for finite roster spots in the backfield.