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Derrick Blaylock joins crowded backfield (ok, probably not)

Per the Official Site:

Running back Derrick Blaylock, a six-year NFL veteran previously with the New York Jets, is taking part in the Redskins' three-day Rookie Camp on a tryout basis.
Blaylock and coach Saunders have history together dating back to Kansas City, when the team drafted him in 2001. He's had a quiet, forgettable career outside an eight touchdown year in 2004.

Blaylock joins an already-crowded backfield of Clinton Portis, Ladell Betts, and Rocky Cartwright projecting as the 1st through 3rd string. Cartwright is also our kick returner. That means Blaylock is either here as a potential specialist or battling it out for that ever-crucial 4th string RB position with Kerry Carter, who might have held that role last year had he not suffered a knee injury in our 0-4 preseason.

Those two will also compete with newcomers Terry Caulley of UCONN and Marcus Mason of Youngstown State. Which one of these guys will play the role of this year's Jesse Lumsden (fan favorite out of Canada who was, unsurprisingly, cut) is anyone's guess. Mason has the advantage of being a Youngstown State University Penguin, represented by their angry-as-shit mascot, Pete the Penguin:

That movie March of the Penguins made me sadface too, Pete

But Terry Caulley is extremely likeable as well. He's listed at just 5'7 and 185 pounds, which means he mistakenly affords our short and athletically built fans the naive hope that they could someday play for the Washington Redskins. Also notice that per their profiles, Caulley and Mason appear to be twins, though I leave it to Hogs Haven reader(s) to judge:

Is that wild or what?

Best of luck to all our newest RBs though we'll miss most of you by the time the season starts. I hope at least one of you impresses the coaches enough to stay their hand should they decide that another TJ Duckett is necessary to backup what turned out to be an overcrowded backfield to begin with. Note: Derrick Blaylock will not cost us two draft picks.