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Jason Campbell needs your help

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Update [2007-5-29 12:17:5 by Skin Patrol]: You can find massive man-love for Jason Campbell everywhere on the tubenets. At USA Today and The Fanhouse, for instance.
Hat tip: Behind the Steel Curtain.

In another instance of us trying to win something without actually winning anything, I encourage reader(s) to zip on over to pronto and vote on this strangely specific (and obviously intern-concocted) poll: Which of these third-year players is most ready to break out in 2007? As of this moment, the results (~180K votes in) are as follows:  

  1. 37% Alex Smith
  2. 22% Cedric Benson
  3. 15% Ronnie Brown
  4. 11% Jason Campbell
  5. 6% Matt Jones
  6. 5% Mark Clayton
  7. 4% Troy Williamson
And that is total bullshit. Jason Campbell returns to the same offense for the first time since High School, and that offense happens to belong to Al Saunders, who has a resume that speaks for itself. That he's below Ronnie Brown and Cedric Benson baffles me to the point where discussion on his placement relative to those two is beneath me.

While Alex Smith will likely continue to improve over time, that's only because his performance to date set the bar so damn low. The guy is 10 touchdowns south of a 1:1 TD:Int ratio, which compares unfavorably with JC's already 5:3. Why is Alex Smith (note: he doesn't even have a mustache) getting so much love? He had to drastically improve last year just to remain in the same conversation as Jason Campbell. Also, did I mention the mustache deficit? Didn't Alex Smith's mentor just ditch class for the San Diego Chargers HC job?

Someone needs to explain this to me.