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Daniels, Albright learn how to argue penalties professionally

Interesting story per the Washington Times:

It might not help them get any calls this season, but thanks to Ethan Albright and Phillip Daniels, the Washington Redskins should be the NFL's best-informed team when it comes to the rules. That's because Albright and Daniels were two of just three active players who served as officiating interns during NFL Europa's training camp this spring.
I don't know how this is going to give Ethan Albright much of an edge as the long snapper, not that he needs any. But this definitely enables Phillip Daniels to walk the fine line between legal and illegal moves, perhaps allowing for advantage.
"I'd love to get every NFL player in a striped shirt at some point because it really shows them what we're looking for during a play, how much you can hold and grasp, for example," [Supervisor Jim] Diapolous said.
That's explicit. There is a certain amount of holding the refs will allow for, and they communicated some of that to Phillip Daniels. The more he gets in their head, the more he can get away with semi-legal moves or else draw attention to opponents' illegal moves.

And while I doubt this internship is going to drastically improve either player, it certainly doesn't hurt. Also per the article, Ethan Albright likes the idea of becoming an official after his playing days are over, even though he's already the 2nd oldest player on the team (behind Mark Brunell). Long live the Red Snapper.