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Global warming a net gain for Washington area football fans

Jerry Jones has the Super Bowl for Dallas Arlington in 2011 thanks in no small part to the lobbying efforts of former Dallas Cowboys' QB Roger Staubach. Hat tip to Dan Steinberg for patrolling the Washington Times for this Dan Daly article on a potential future FedEx Super Bowl bid. Daly reminds that those efforts are likely hampered by the cowardly league's reluctance to schedule a Super Bowl at cold weather (or potentially cold weather) stadiums lacking a dome, and suggests global warming as one of a number of creative solutions to the problem. True, while global warming (and to remain politically neutral this blog allows for an "alleged" caveat, if need be) has net losers, the desertification of Washington D.C., presuming the ocean doesn't swallow us, would present an excellent opportunity to legitimately bid on a Super Bowl. Also The Day After Tomorrow would probably, like, take Miami and Tampa with it, along with some sunny and enviable real estate on the west coast. That represents less competition to bid against.

Waiting on fossil fuel usage and deforestation and greenhouse gases or whatever causes (or allegedly causes) global warming isn't necessarily a pro-active approach to securing a D.C. Super Bowl, so Daly also suggests adding a dome or hoody or whatever on top of Fed Ex field.

Me, I kind of like the idea of the Redskins moving back to the city into a new stadium. I'm anti-dome though will happily hear arguments in favor in the comments section from plucky reader(s) who feel strongly on the topic. A retractable roof of some kind would be my preference, used only to draw a Super Bowl bid. The roof will "malfunction" anyways after all the party-people show up for an SB, so no big shakes. I consider weather an important factor in the game of football.

So the Nationals ditch RFK come 2008 and we move right on to that site with a brand spanking new stadium that seats 110,000 (just to top the Cowboys). The stadium has no trouble selling out in virtue of impressive back-to-back Redskins Super Bowl victories in 2007 and 2008. Afterwards the nation unanimously agrees that Joe Gibbs is the greatest coach in NFL history while he calls Skin Patrol directly to congratulate me on acquisition of the team, enabled by a series of suspiciously fortunate Mega Millions lottery victories turning me into a multi-millionaire, which I parlay into a billion dollar fortune by betting the house on the Redskins every week in their 2008 undefeated season. Afterwards yours truly takes all the Hogs Haven regulars out for delicious adult beverages and we reminisce on our prior cyncisim of 2007 with a good chuckle and jumping high fives.

Who is with me?

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