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Redskins O-Linemen: Todd Wade is the left guard

Based on comments made to the Times by his teammates, it's safe to say that Todd Wade is the big (literally, he's 6'8 and 317 pounds) favorite to take over the left guard position vacated by Derrick Dockery. For example:

"Of course I miss Dock," said Samuels, who lined up next to his best friend on the team the past four years. "But I know Todd will get the job done."
"The biggest challenge for Todd is getting low enough to get leverage, and he's doing a good job with that," Rabach said.
Asked whether he could ever see making the switch to guard himself, the 6-6, 308-pound Jansen said, "Better him than me."
And Coach Bugel?
Bugel said: "A tall guy can play that position. Dock was a college tackle, and it took him a while to learn how to bend his knees, too, but it got him a heck of a contract."
By all indications you might just go ahead and pencil in Wade at left guard. I thought Pucillo would acquit himself well there in practice (as he has more experience at the position, I believe) though he's faded from the discussion. The article centers on Wade's development exclusively and the adjustments he's had to made going up against Cornelius Griffin, specifically how much faster things happen at the guard position relative to tackle. Not that all our hopes are pinned to Wade's development, though:
The Redskins have four backups who have started an NFL season at guard -- Mike Pucillo, Ross Tucker, Taylor Whitley and Will Whitticker -- providing depth in case Wade's adjustment doesn't work out.
Also, Shawn Springs is going to show up for OTAs at the beginning of June. Redskins Insider and Hog Heaven are in front of me on the story.