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Irresponsibly precocious final roster projection

Inspired by the fearless Ryan O'Halloran of Redskins 360 who takes an early stab at the final roster, providing a good starting point for how many of each position we'll retain based on recent Joe Gibbs history.

Quarterbacks: He says JC, Brunell, and Todd Collins. I say, just to be controversial, Todd Collins gets the boot on June 2nd and we keep Jordan Palmer. Casey Bramlet's European heroics will do little for his chances and Sam Hollenbach will play on our practice squad.

Running Backs: He says Portis, Betts are definite and Cartwright competes with Blaylock for 3rd and 4th spots. But those are your RBs. I agree with Ryan.

Wide Receiver: He says Moss, ARE, Lloyd, and Thrash are definites and throw Mike Espy in as the 5th guy to make the team. I really like Mike Espy and the fact that he's managed to stick it out with the team throughout last year (and even saw some regular season field), though wishful thinking by me says another sub six feet and 200 pound receiver is not what the doctor ordered. Kyle Brown? Why not, just for giggles.

Offensive Line: He says Jansen, Wade, Rabach, Samuels, and Thomas are the obvious starters with three set backups in Fabini, Pucillo, and Ross Tucker. He makes no call on the final spot (nine linemen). I'll agree on the starters and both Fabini and Pucillo, but why is Ross Tucker a definite? Because he can play center? I don't ask that flippantly as that would be a legitimate reason to keep the guy on the roster. For the final spot we will pick Kili Lefotu, as we have no credibility to lose with premature picks.

Tight Ends/Fullbacks: He says Sellers, Cooley, and Yoder are definites. 7th round pick Tyler Ecker gets the nod in the final spot. We signed some fullback named Pete Schmitt less than a week ago, though he might be fodder. As Ryan notes, we had 5 FB/TEs as recently as 2004 and I could see us retaining that much this year.

Defensive Line: He says Carter, Griffin, Daniels, Golston, Evans, and Wynn are definites. Salave'a, Montgomery, and Ryan Boschetti get the nods for the last three. I agree with this lineup except I'd name Montgomery as a definite keeper in light of recent comments made by Coach Gibbs about his offseason hard work, and his age.

Linebackers: He says Washington, McIntosh, Fletcher, Marshall, Khary Campbell are all locks with just one spot remaining, which he splits to either H.B. Blades or Dallas Sartz. First, I don't think Khary Campbell is a lock. Second, it would not surprise me if the team kept 7 linebackers (and left off a Ryan Boschetti or perhaps a DB) as that was the case as recently as 2005. Given Marcus Washington is recovering from surgery, the team may err on the side of caution at this position. Also, they placed an inordinate (in my opinion) amount of emphasis here in the offseason and draft in getting Fletcher and going for Briggs and drafting two LBs. I could see them continuing that emphasis with an additional roster spot burned here.

Defensive Backs: He says Taylor, Springs, Rogers, Smoot, Landry, Pierson Prioleau, David Macklin, and Omar Stoutmire are locks with two spots open. He gives one to Ade Jimoh with Reid Doughty and Vernon Fox competing for the last spot. Again, I think we could shave off someone here as Springs, Rogers, Smoot, Macklin, and Jimoh is a fine CB unit (in order of appearance). Then you have Taylor and Landry backed up by Prioleau and Stoutmire. As recently as 2005 we kept just 9 DBs. If I had to choose the final 10th spot, I'd take Doughty. I like Fox for his experience but at that particular spot, I'd just as soon go towards the player with more potential (who is also bigger).

Specialist: He says Ethan Albright, Shaun Suisham, and Derrick Frost. Cannot say I disagree.

Post your own thoughts below, reader(s).