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Adam Archuleta = A BARGAIN???

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Per The Bog -- and I'll leave all the jokes to Dan; if I didn't love me some Bog I'd encourage him to quit his day job:

With thanks to WaPo editor Cindy, via the comments section of the Redskins Insider, I realized that today would be the perfect day to purchase Archuleta gear for your loved ones, at something like 75 percent off. I believe such wardrobe items are officially known as "inactive wear." Also, be careful wearing them around flames; the fabrics may be easily burned. And don't use 'em to carry liquids; word is, they leak like crazy. Thanks, I'll be here all week.
I've now found my X-Mas stocking stuffers, with an Adam Archuleta for all.
* Archuleta replica jersey: regular $74.99, get it now for $18.00!!!!!
76% off? If we'd applied that to his actual 30M bling contract he would've just cost the team 7.5Mish which, incidentally, is just around what we ended up paying him. For one year. Of his six year contract. Whatever.

This incredible bargain could not have come at a better time for Mister Irrelevant Jamie Mottram, who is getting skinny in the wardrobe department for Blog Show. As much love as I have for the Redskin Insider store, I can't help but think that a swift looking Adam Archuleta jersey would be the perfect accouterment for the show. Nothing says "relevant alternative sports media" quite like Adam Archuleta, am I right?

Failing in that, what about a SIGNED Timmy Smith throwback jersey? And the timing is perfect, since this month last year Timmy Smith was sentenced to 30 months in Federal Prison. I think it would be a magnanimous gesture purchasing a $273.60 throwback jersey for the currently incarcerated Smith. That kind of cheddar buys a lot of smokes. Do the right thing, guys.