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Dallas Sartz a Draft Steal

Per CNNSI which ranked him 5th out of the top 10 steals of the draft (Hat tip: Extreme Skins):

Dallas Sartz, LB  | Washington, 5th round

Sartz is a quality linebacker who many graded as first-day material. He'll offer competition at linebacker and could eventually start.

That's more optimistic than I had predicted since he has some very strong player in front of him at OLB in Marcus Washington, Rocky McIntosh, and Lemar Marshall, though I'm thrilled to hear good things on the kid. I do think his injury history played a large role in why he fell this far, so keep your fingers crossed for 2007. Nothing kills a young career faster than injury. If he can't find the field on defense, I hope he can get some quality playing time on special teams.
Update [2007-5-2 12:34:25 by Skin Patrol]: Since I hadn't posted it before, here are some tidbits from Dallas Sartz on the Official Site:
"I couldn't be more happy to come to Washington and play for a great coach and a great program," Sartz said.
"We are picking up what we feel is a well-rounded player," Gibbs said. "We think he is smart enough and we think he can at least play both outside [linebacker] spots for us."
"I see my strengths as the ability to make plays, see plays develop and be a smart player out there," he said. "I think I have the ability to read the offense at the line of scrimmage. I feel I play the run pretty well and I cover pretty well." Sartz said he hopes to "gain some weight and get a little bigger" in size to make an impact in the pros.
Sartz said he is well aware of the Redskins-Cowboys rivalry, but he added: "Nothing I can do about changing my name."
Well not with that attitude! A blogging moniker is definitely needed.