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A step closer for Art Monk, perhaps?

Per an Extreme Skins Press Release (meaning it will be official shortly see?):

Washington Redskins Owner Daniel M. Snyder has joined the National Football League's committee overseeing the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Snyder also serves on the National Football League's decision-making Broadcast Committee, Business Ventures Committee, and Digital Media Committee.

The committee includes Chairman Dan Rooney (Steelers), Bud Adams (Titans), Bill Bidwell (Arizona), Pat Bowlen (Denver), Mike Brown (Bengals), Jerry Jones (booooo Dallas), Denise DeBartolo York (49ers), and Jack Jones (Green Bay).

Not to be confused with the Hall of Fame Voters, so don't think this makes Dan a decision maker on who gets in. In fact I'm not really sure what Dan Snyder has become a member of or what its contribution towards inductions is. Maybe they decide on HoF criteria which could absolutely help Monk's case, if the Hall decides character matters.

At the very least, having our owner on this committee cannot possibly harm Art Monk's chances.