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At least one draft trend the Redskins are on the right side of

As far as I can tell, the Redskins are the only team in the league with two safeties selected in the first 6 picks -- Sean Taylor at #5 and LaRon Landry at #6. They might be the first team to do that in history, as Safeties have not typically been chosen in large numbers in the 1st round. Per Ted Cluck on Page 2 (Hat tip: Michael David Smith at Pro Football Talk -- he's everywhere!), only 19 safeties were selected in the first round between 1989 and 2003. That's fewer than any other position by a large margin; QBs were next lowest at 30 and offensive linemen were highest at 70.

Which is odd, as Cluck points out, since safetey is the safest position one can draft. Observe:

First-Round Bust Percentages
QB -- 53 percent
RB -- 49 percent
WR -- 45 percent
DT -- 33 percent
OL -- 31 percent
DE -- 31 percent
CB -- 29 percent
LB -- 16 percent
S -- 11 percent
It comes as no surprise that safeties also dominate the list positively:
First-Round Pro Bowl Percentages
(Percentage of players making at least one Pro Bowl)
S -- 53 percent
DT -- 40 percent
LB -- 39 percent
RB -- 36 percent
DE -- 33 percent
QB -- 33 percent
WR -- 31 percent
OL -- 26 percent
CB -- 23 percent
Remember that the data set runs through 2003, so it doesn't include our 1st round draft pick in 2004: Safety Sean Taylor.

It should also be noted that none of the safeties selected with the top 10 picks since 1989 have turned out to be busts. The only two players who qualified (metric explained here) as safety busts in the 1st round were Antuan Edwards (selected 25th) Patrick Bates (selected 12th). Edwards saw some decent field and played admirably his first year, but was plagued with injuries throughout and eventually was released from camp, incidentally, by the Washington Redskins. Patrick Bates... was a bust.

That probably won't comfort many fans who, like me, were alarmed by the teamss inability to address the D-Line in the draft. But at least take solace in that LaRon Landry is, historically speaking, unlikely to become one of the Redskins many Draft Busts.