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Marcus Washington practices, Santana Moss injured

We've lost another one of our offensive weapons, this time WR Santana Moss to a groin injury. Collective groan you hear is Redskins fans wondering why this offseason is beginning to take a fatalistic dive despite all the refreshing Jason Campbell hype. Perhaps a good bit of rest is just what the doctor ordered for both Moss and Portis? But that's homerist wishful thinking, as injuries are never a good thing. Knee injuries on RBs scare the hell out of me, and it was a groin problem that kept Shawn Springs off the field for most of 2006. Moss missed some time last year with a strained hammy as well.

Take minor respite from the injury bug bad news, in that Marcus Washington practiced for the first time since hip surgery. He's still not 100% by any means, as the team is predicting a mid-June date for participation in full practice. But he is out there with the team and sounds jolly enough (he used the word "dominate" to describe what he wants to do) despite being the only returning starter at linebacker.

Coach Gibbs repeats the mantra that all spots are open for competition, though the Post notes the unlikelihood of us bringing in London Fletcher just so he can watch Lemar Marshall play MLB again. If competition arises at LB, it will be at the Will position as Rocky McIntosh continues to battle for the spot many of us casual observers feel he earned in virtue of Warrick Holdman's performance alone.

And, as a matter of fact, brand new linebackers coach Kirk Olivadotti called the starters thusly: Washington/Fletcher/McIntosh with the caveat that Marshall would get a fair shot at competition. Let me also add that Lemar Marshall is an extremely valuable player even if he doesn't break the starting roster -- he plays for a bargain price, has starting experience at ILB and OLB, and genuinely seems comfortable with the situation. We are not hearing about how he feels sleighted, unwanted, or cast aside. Where some players might complain about the circumstances, we get:

"I'm not going to be disruptive or anything," Marshall said. "I'm just going to go out and work. This is what I've been doing my whole career, waiting for an opportunity"
Why can't they all be like that?