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Jason Campbell wins his first Pro Bowl... in May

Blog Shogan Steinberg misses nothing, especially insaneish premature Pro Bowl nods to Redskins players in practice. Per The Bog:

Adam Schefter doesn't waste any time in suggesting that Jason Cambpell has looked Pro Bowl good in OTA's. Seriously, there's nothing better than being a Skins fan in May. I'll get on board this Pro Bowl train, why not?
Fine, we're on board as well -- despite viewing such early acclaim portentiously -- but what exactly did Shefter report?
After two years in the league as an understudy, and four hours each day this winter and spring in Washington's training facility simply studying, Campbell is said to look like a different quarterback, Redskins officials said this week.

One observer even predicted, boldly, that Campbell would go to the Pro Bowl this season.

Of course it's a long way from Washington in May to Hawaii in February, but Campbell has demonstrated improved technique, understanding and confidence. And after a week of OTA's, he has been the most talked about player in the Redskins organization.

"It's unanimous from everybody," one Redskins official said this week. "You can definitely see it. He's like a totally different quarterback. The receivers have been like, 'Wow.'"

Why bother playing the games? Give JC a boisterous Hawaiin shirt and be done with it. </conditioned cynism>

Let us be positive. One, we know that Jason Campbell is playing under one of the most proven offensive coordinators in the league in Al Saunders. Saunders was the Offensive Coordinator (or some variation of that title) of the St. Louis Rams and the Kansas City Chiefs from 2000-2005. Offenses under that regime: 1st, 16th, 1st, 1st, 2nd, 6th (fell to 15th after he left). Redskins weren't nearly as bad offensively as we probably felt last year, finishing 14th. There is reason to believe that Saunders will improve this offense significantly in '08, and JC will be the beneficiary of that.

Two, we know that Jason Campbell does very well under David Lewin's QB projection system which never picks busts and frequently picks bigtime quarterbacks. He has more starts and a higher completion percentage in college than the majority of other QB prospects, the two stats best at projecting NFL success.

Pro Bowl? Sounds good.

That's the optimistic view, and for parity's sake (and also as an excuse to link to the third and final part of his recent series) I cede the floor to Ben Folsom and the Curly R:

Al Saunders was brought in to run the offense, something Hall of Fame coach Joe Gibbs never had a problem doing in his first run of four Super Bowl appearances, nominally so that Joe could focus on the management aspects of being the coach. So how surprised am I that Al does not run a terrific offense and Joe can't manage the personalities? The Redskins have the most coaches in the league and seem to be the least able to do anything.
Update [2007-5-17 10:42:46 by Skin Patrol]: Due to a very well-timed blog from Mark Steven (also known as Om at Extreme Skins), this post marks an entertaining trail from presumptuously positive to cynical to positive again to concerned and right back to positive. Having ceded the floor to Ben, I cede it again to Mark and his recent blog entry at The Official Site. A teaser and nothing more:
Physical Skills
A no-brainer. Don't take my word for it--judge for yourself:

In highlight videos on and other sources, watch for these qualities and how Campbell applies them to the field: prototypical size (6-4, 230); big-league arm; pocket sense; downfield accuracy; touch; quick feet, strong legs and (as recently noted by quarterbacks coach Bill Lazor on John Riggins radio show) excellent field vision.

Given that Campbell played without benefit of previous work with the starting unit, without the Redskins best offensive weapon (Clinton Portis), and behind the shaky support of a defense historically unable to provide a short field, the talent on display is made all the more impressive by the fact it was accomplished almost entirely on physical ability alone.

As a Redskins fan, it's hard not to be excited by the prospect of what the young man might be capable of with a little time and experience under his belt.

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