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Did you know Byron Westbrook is Brian Westbrook's brother?

In case you missed it, that fact was reported here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here. Admittedly it's just a bunch of national newspapers running the same story (probably taken from AP). But is the trivial fact that the Washington Redskins signed a defensive back from DIII Salisbury University who happens to be the brother of a reasonably successful NFL player really newsworthy? Enough so to travel from D.C. to Detroit to Seattle to Boston to Charlotte to...

I understand the need for writing news even when none is actually happening, as I've had to suffer through boring news cycles. But perspective is sorely missing from this story. Byron Westbrook wasn't drafted for a reason, played at a Division III school, and joins seven other players

Brandon Register, DB, UAB
Alex Buzbee, DE, Georgetown
Brian Bell, TE, Kent State
Kevin Jones, LB, Saint Augustine's
Pete Schmitt, FB, Wisconsin-Whitewater
Carl Berman, WR, Indiana State
Cornelius Rogers, OL, UAB
you probably haven't heard of. Westbrook's numbers aren't any more or less impressive than the other men mentioned above, but his brother happens to be somebody so...

I really would love to see this guy, or anyone, claw their way into this roster as it's a sign of committment and hard work. But I can't help but feel that it must be a super drag for Byron to constantly read about his brother whenever his name is mentioned. Exactly zero of our current projected starters joined this team as UFAs, so view Westbrook's chances as a contributor as slim leaning on none. Even making the roster will be impressive for any of the eight players recently signed, and nothing Byron Brian Westbrook does can help any of them in the slightest.

By the way, the Redskins signed Byron Westbrook. He's Brian Westbrook's brother.