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SB Nation Sports Report is tonight

Per Stampede Blue:

The SB Nation Sports Report, the official podcast of SB Nation, is tonight at 9pm Eastern (6pm Pacific). See that nifty little logo to the bottom right of the blog, looks kind of like this:

Well, that lets you know when hosts BigBlueShoe and TheSportsGuru are live and talking sports. Click any number of links in this blurb, or click the pretty picture in the right sidebar of this blog, to listen live or download a past episode. You can listen to BigBlueShoe talking about how big and penetrating a guy named PitCOCK is, or TheSportsGuru will once again insult and berate anyone and everyone who lives in Oakland, California.
Tonight's show features some NASCAR goodness, chatting about the Golden State Warriors (just before their tip-off tonight with Utah), and why the hell did Robert Horry try to take off Steve Nash's head. Oh, and baseball (sans any dumb Clemens talk).
SBNSR live tonight! Tune in!

I don't have anything holding me back tonight, so I may just phone in. If reader(s) want to hear my nasal, nails-on-chalkboard-irritating voice, you'd do yourself a favor by listening in.