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What's going on?

Per the Redskins Events Calendar here are the big team-related events coming up:

Redskins Beach Blitz: May 18-20. Official roster of who is showing up here. 32 players, 11 coaches, and some Redskins alumnus should be there. Dexter Manley, John Riggins, and Gary Clark are on board. Official Redskins Beach Blitz website here with ticket information. Also, Cheerleaders.

NFL Spring Meetings: May 22nd. Owners meet in Tennessee to discuss "league issues". Preferably that refers to rule changes and CBA related matters, as opposed to hastily worked out trades decided upon over adult beverages directly with another team's player's agent.

Redskins Mini-Camp: June 15-17. Closed to the public though the official site should be littered with coverage on what's going down. These are not mandatory as are the OTAs, although with the addition of Sean Taylor the only starter missing from the latter is Shawn Springs (who said he'd appear before the start of June mini-camps anyways).

Redskins Preseason: August 11th @ Tennessee 8PM Eastern, August 18th Pittsburgh Steelers 8PM Eastern, August 25th Baltimore Ravens 8PM Eastern, August 30th @ Jacksonville Jaguars 1PM Eastern. Additional coverage of all those games as we approach the preseason.

Preseason Roster Chop: August 28th. Teams must cut down their roster to 75 players, still well above the regular season roster size. Cindarella stories smashed to bits as reality and rules kick future-Canadian-Footballers in the nuts. It's a tough business, but Hogs Haven will have learned to love all former 'Skins.

Final Roster Chop: September 1st. Your Washington Redskins are introduced for the 2007 season, which begins 8 days later. Could not come sooner.

I wrestled with including the Preseason schedule under relevant Redskins related events, as our tendency has been to mail it in under Coach Gibbs, who is 4-9 in those games since 2004. Me suspects that given last year's Delphian preseason collapse, which predicted a disastrous season, we might give a hoot this time around. I won't panic should we drop the preseason, though I'd like to see a bit more effort than this, for instance.