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Redskins Robble, Robble, Robble

When Ben at Curly R returned with his LaWrong post-draft analysis, I thought it was simply a teaser. Instead he follows that up with a Kevin Kolb article that is both hilarious and all over the place. As an example:

Seems Mr. Texan Kevin likes to go out into the mesquite with a pair of hounds and a 12-inch Bowie knife and hunt wild hogs. Anyone that read Old Yeller (btw Donovan McNabb's new nickname) knows those wild hogs are some dangerous motherfuckers, so that makes his dogs really brave. Kevin lets the dogs chase 'em to ground and then comes in and guts them in the dirt. And he does not think this is a strange habit or indicative of some deep psychosis. How this and shooting Bambi squares with his 'Christian upbringing,' it's all very confusing to me. I don't remember Jesus strapping on a high-cal rifle, dousing himself in deer urine and feces and squatting for hours just to get The Shot
Note: This is not an invitation to discuss the merits or lack of any religion or leisure activity. I'm doing my best to keep Hogs Haven cowardly non-partisan and spiritually neutral, though I am sure if you must discuss the issue that Ben would more than welcome you do to so at Curly R.

Hog Heaven has the gory details on the newest Redskins RBs: Marcus Mason and Terry Caulley. With the addition of Derrick Blaylock to the 'Skins, I don't see both of these guys making the team. But prove me wrong, fellas.

Running Redskins is the resident 'Skins Blogosphere go-to-guy for Michael Vick related inquiries, as he's covering the story more than anyone else (which is to say more than none; Vick hasn't gotten much attention 'round these parts). But he also covers a quality Chris Samuels' charity venture. Regulars of Hogs Haven already know that I'm a sucker for such things, and thus am morally obligated to make mention of it.

I've been scooped on a Redskins Cheerleader related story. Full apology to reader(s) who might have mistakenly grown accustomed to this being a one-stop-shop for cheerleader related team news. Huge credit to Sportz Assassin at AOL Fanhouse both for finding the story and for his picture selection, which receives a solid thumbs up from yours truly. Some persons associated with the cheerleaders are blogging about what the ladies are wearing on a calendar shoot (I think?).

On this day, it was the second part of team bonding that the captains did with the Cheerleaders. Since we have only been together for three weeks, this year it was important for the captains to help the girls get to know each other.
Do tell us more about this "bonding" and how you "get to know each other". Details are encouraged.

Covering the Redskins has an ETA on Shawn Springs' future arrival to Redskins Park:

Springs remains in Arizona with his personal trainer.. He said he isn't coming to Skins OTA's until the first week of June missing basically 3 weeks of voluntary work.. Springs was misdiagnosed last summer when he injured his groin in the pre-season.. He ultimately suffered through a sports hernia and gutted through a few games before injuring his shoulder late in the season..
The misdiagnosis came as a surprise to me in this morning's Post, and I'm surprised how I missed it the first time around. Based on CtR's post as well as what the Post and others are reporting, I think the Redskins overplayed their hand when they asked Springs to take a paycut. When he called their bluff they pursued Dre Bly (or perhaps were doing so beforehand) and their failure to get him on board was a worst case scenario. I don't know whether Springs is making a point or just playing the offseason safe, though there is little doubt that the relationship between him and the front office (not necessarily the coaches) has been damaged. Not irreperably, I hope.

The Blogs are talking about Springs and Taylor missing (not in spirit, more than likely) OTAs. Among other places to discuss: Harry Hog Football and Redskins Huddle.

Welcome The Bog back to Redskins coverage. He's forced to do so with the playoff exit of the beloved Gilbert Arenas Wizards from the postseason. And as sad as we are at the latter, we're happy to have Steinberg talking Redskins again. He scored an interview with Al Saunders at the America's Cup (something about Polo? I don't know). Dan reminds that Saunders is/was British and thus has an affinity for strange and irrelevant sports, which can be forgiven. When Dan asked which Redskins player would be a Polo bruiser, Saunders said Moss, unsurprisingly.:

"I'm gonna say Santana Moss, and for a couple reasons," Saunders said. "It seems like stature is not real important. I think the smaller people that can hang on to those horses, you know...Like jockeys, the less weight on the horse the better it is, and Santana is so quick that I would think he would have that great wind-up shot....He would probably be a real good polo player. I know one thing, he's competitive. And the other thing, if he has the ball in his hands, he's probably going to do some good things."
Also, America's Most Wanted's John Walsh and the band Journey both show up to be interviewed. Fact of the matter is, Dan Steinberg is a better blogger than me.

Speaking of The Steinberg, he recently hosted Blog Show Number Eight with Mister Irrelevant. That is Redskins related because it is a local DC broadcast, meaning the Redskins are at ground zero for the inevitable Blog take over of telivision. I saw 28 Weeks Later on friday, and couldn't help but wonder whether the fast growing influence of blogging is an infestation comparable to Zombiecitis, which affects millions of imaginary people per year.

DC Sports Blog (not to be confused with The Bog) has moved and renamed itself as DC Pro Sports Report.

Unsilent Majority made an entire gratuitous cheerleader/hotness post and failed to include any Redskins cheerleaders. I feel robbled, and you just were.