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Triumphant return of The Curly R

Typically my contribution to other blogs is limited to hat tips and labored analysis of their poignant analysis or what have you. Full disclosure: The Curly R was one of the first Redskins blogs I started reading, the resident bloggers there (Ben and Brandon) were two of the first bloggers I contacted and engaged outside of the blogospheres various commenting sections, and I maintain now and forever that both are about the finest pair of writers in the Redskins blogosphere. This is saying a lot as there are (present company excluded) heaps of quality Redskins bloggers, many of them listed on the left hand side of this website.

Ben's been busy with work and Brandon devotes much of his time to The Curly W (an outstanding Nationals blog), so we've been robbed of their clever Redskins writing for some time now, much to my shagrin. No longer -- Ben came out fearlessly with guns blazing railing against the Landry pick. Better late than never.

LaWrong, as the post is titled, demonstrates why Ben is such an entertaining Redskins observer. It is fearless, irreverent, well stated, and perhaps a bit controversial. I don't agree with everything stated, but I founds myself nodding viciously a number of times.

Having not read anything of Ben's in nearly a month, I'm glad to see him back. Hogs Haven reader(s) get a teaser of the post, as you all owe it to me and to Ben to check out the Curly R for the entire article.

This was a terrible pick and the Redskins drafted weakly overall. More on the terrible draft later, so let us focus for now on the sheer terribleness of the LaRon Landry pick.

Curly R aside: LaRon Landry is terrible like the plague and any ballcarrier that wanders into his gravity suddenly moves at half speed and now the Redskins will need at least two ambulances in the tunnel on gameday, one for LaRon's hits and one for Sean Taylor's revenge hits. I must say that despite badmouthing this pick watching the video linked here makes me happy.

Welcome back Ben. Has not been the same without you.