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We're down to one fullback

Per the Post with hat tip to Running Redskins and War Cry!:

Redskins Notes: Running back Nehemiah Broughton tore the anterior cruciate ligament in his knee. The Redskins expect to place him on injured reserve. . . .
This would leave a lonely Mike Sellers on the roster as our only fullback, which isn't that terrifying a prospect as he's missed just one game in 3 years as a Redskin. Derrick Blaylock lacks size (210 lbs) but has been praised for his blocking. If the team refuses to pick up a veteran backup to Sellers in free agency, they could dip into the TE ranks. Tyler Ecker is allegedly north of 260 (by comparison, Sellers lists at 278 -- Broughton at 255) and working on his blocking. Both Zach Hilton and Todd Yoder are larger men than Nehemiah as well.

None of that matters because Mike Sellers is indestructible.