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Guard Joe Andruzzi available to replace Dockery

Per Redskins 360:

Guard Joe Andruzzi is on the market
    Andruzzi was recently released after two seasons with Cleveland.
    Andruzzi, according to the Cleveland Plain-Dealer, was set to make $1.5 million in 2007, part of a four-year, $9 million deal he signed before the 2005 season. The left guard is a multi-Super Bowl winner with New England but had knee troubles last year and was released after the Browns signed Eric Steinbach and Seth McKinney.
    Andruzzi has said he will wait until he's healthy to begin taking visits. Although it's unlikely he would be interested in a reserve position, it's worth it for the Redskins to call his agent. Todd Wade, a tackle by trade, is the current left guard and it's uncertain whether he can make the transition.
Andruzzi has been in the league forever, signing with the Packers after not being drafted in 1997. To tell you the truth, given his injury, age, and price tag (which will be neither significant nor insignificant, in my opinion) I would just vote no. If we want an old temporary fix at left guard, I'm fine with whoever emerges victorious from the Todd Wade/Mike Pucillo/Other competition. If we want to throw Andruzzi in there that's fine, but do so for on the cheap and with limited expectations.

Regardless of what we do, the team needs to address a number of positions on the offensive line in the near future, and left guard is one of them. We're oooooold: Jon Jansen is 31, Chris Samuels turns 30 this year, Randy Thomas is 31, and Casey Rabach turns 30 this year. Todd Wade turns 31 this year, so if he wins left guard it's semi-temporarily. I know that O-linemen can play later than many positions, but we should start to expect a decline in the play of a few or all of those guys within the next year or so. A youth movement is desparately needed.