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Washington Redskins = model citizens

For now... Per PFT:

There are now only 11 teams who have not "earned" Turd Watch points since the launch of the "game" on the Monday after the Super Bowl.  The NFC East is spotless, with all four teams sporting the proverbial goose egg.  In the AFC East, the Dolphins have three points, but the rest of the division is spotless.
"Turd Watch points" are awarded to teams when their players are arrested or charged or convicted or all of the above of some crime. Check the scoring system here along with the current scoreboard:
The scoring system is simple.  Seven points for a felony arrest.  Three points for a misdemeanor arrest.   One point for a conviction.  If there are multiple charges, the points will stack, too.
Let me briefly comment on the absurdity of a system that weighs arrests as 7 or else 3 times as relevant as convictions. Although I have, in the past, criticized the legal system's inability to convict professional athletes (or celebrities in general) for crimes, it's still ludicrous to place such a heavy emphasis on arrests that turn out to be bogus more than never.

The Redskins are sitting pretty with a goose egg, though that could mean we are due. Remember, Sean Taylor is absent from the team's OTAs and the last time that happened, he went thief hunting. And then the police went Sean Taylor hunting.

I would take the whole Turd Watch thing with a grain of salt as well. As an example of how one can accumulate points without actually doing anything wrong, exhibit a is Steve McNair who received three points for the Ravens because his brother-in-law was arrested for DUI. In Tennessee it is apparently a crime if someone else drives your car while allegedly intoxicated.