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Redskins Draft GPA a 1.2

which will not get us into the competitive drafting University of our dreams.

Hat Tip: Blogging the Boys

ESPN compiled the draft grades from all the BIG STAR talking heads, and they wouldn't have those jobs if they weren't like, geniuses. The Redskins scored a 1.2 which makes us the dumbest student in the class. The Seahawks were the next dumbest with a 1.6.

This was expected given our paucity of picks. The overall sentiment is that we hit an outstanding defensive prospect in Landry but simply lacked the fire power to receive a good draft day grade. Also our unwillingness to draft a D-Linemen raised some eyebrows. A sampling:

Fox Sports the Czar

Czar's breakdown: The Redskins never materialized on the trading stage like everyone thought they might. They didn't make a deal to get Chicago LB Lance Briggs or to trade up in the draft for Tech receiver Calvin Johnson. Stuck with the sixth overall pick, LSU safety LaRon Landry was a rock solid pick, although some questioned his intelligence and whether or not he can make the defensive signal calls. He can tackle and make plays and has tremendous football instincts. Washington only had five picks. USC linebacker Dallas Sartz was taken in the fifth round and he will be a special teams' player this season. Pitt LB H.B. Blades has great bloodlines, the son of former Lions safety Bennie Blades. The Redskins closed their draft by selecting Carson Palmer's brother, Jordan Palmer, with their last pick. Palmer broke most of the passing records at UTEP, performing well in coach Mike Price's complicated system.

Grade: C

Yahoo! Sports
Washington Redskins: One pick in the first five rounds is a major disappointment. Granted, the pick - LSU safety LaRon Landry - is an amazing player who likely will give the Redskins the best safety tandem in the NFL. With Sean Taylor and Landry, going over the middle will be nothing less than medieval torture for Washington opponents. But as good as that pick is, going another 136 selections before your next choice is rough. And the Redskins got little more than backup depth and special teams guys in linebackers Dallas Sartz and H.B. Blades and tight end Tyler Ecker. Quarterback Jordan Palmer, brother of Cincinnati's Carson Palmer, might be nothing more than a camp novelty.
Grade: D+

NBC Sports

Laron Landry was our favorite defensive player in the draft, but he could be an awkward fit next to Sean Taylor Washington gets this grade, however, because it dealt away middle-round picks last year for T.J. Duckett ... who's now in Detroit.

If the Redskins were a character from Dazed and Confused, we would be Ron Slater. A 1.2 GPA is evidence of either a relative dearth of draft picks or else that we spent more time building bongs in woodshop class than we did studying for the draft.

Check ya later.