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Nothing Changes.

Per the Washington Examiner:

Redskins coach Joe Gibbs said there's a chance they could still use some of next year's draft picks to trade for a player. He did not specify a player, but linebacker Lance Briggs is one possibility. A Bears source said last week that a possible trade for 2008 draft picks remains a possibility. The Redskins currently have all but a fourth-round pick in 2008.
And per Redskins Insider:
So, knowing these guys and how they operate, don't for a moment think they won't be sniffing around on trades. The Briggs thing won't be over until he is either dealt or signs an extension (highly unlikely), so they could start talking to the Bears about 2008 draft picks should they get the itch.
Despite Coach Gibbs' comments at the pre draft briefing, multiple reports indicate that the Redskins are still shopping next year's picks for Lance Briggs, or at least are willing to do so. I took from the briefing that the team realized how tough a situation trading away future picks put you in April, though apparently that wasn't an honest claim.

I do not harp on this just to be contrarian towards the team. It is my honest opinion based off my understanding of the league, the salary cap, free agency, and the Redskins recent history that persistent success can only come with a higher commitment to the draft than the Redskins have devoted to in recent years. I understand the "Free Agency" strategy, why it might be appealing to coaches and fans, but do not think it is tenable given the current structure of the team and our proven inability to properly evaluate free agents and other teams' personnel. All things equal more picks are better than fewer, and I truly hope that Coach Gibbs rethinks trading 2008 picks for Lance Briggs. He is not worth mortgaging our future over.