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Meet the nine newest Redskins

Update [2007-5-1 11:56:25 by Skin Patrol]: Harry Hog points out that with the addition of Maryland QB Sam Hollenbach, the Redskins now have 6 QBs on the roster. Someone is going to get cut here.
Hat Tip: AOL Fanhouse

Per the Official Site the Redskins added nine new undrafted players to the Redskins, all of whom will get to challenge for spots with the team:

"We tell the agents that if [the tryout players] are better than the free agents that we signed, then we will replace them," vice president of football operations Vinny Cerrato said.
I like this modus operandi as I'm a big fan of the underdog. Also, anything that gets the best player available on the field is a positive. Anyways, the nine (most of whom will not be on the final roster -- my prediction) are:

Justin Hickman DE UCLA
Sam Hollenbach QB Maryland
Taylor Sele WR Boston College
Deyon Williams WR Virginia
Marcus Mason RB Youngstown State
Terry Caulley RB Connecticut
Daniel Francis CB LSU
Stephon Heyer OL Maryland
Zach Latimer LB Oklahoma

Anything reader(s) know about these guys is greatly appreciated. The most intriguing to me is Justin Hickman, as he's a DE and we kind of sort of need that. has an informative write up on all the players, though I'm focused on Hickman:

Hickman earned first team All PAC-10 honors as a senior after totaling 42 tackles (30 solo), two forced fumbles, 19 tackles for loss and 12.5 sacks in 13 games. Prior to joining UCLA in 2004, Hickman played for Glandale Community College in Glendale, Ariz. Hickman appeared in 35 games with 97 tackles (60 solo), 19.5 sacks and 31 tackles for loss while at UCLA.
That's actually impressive production in a BCS conference. He appeared capable of getting after the opposing QB even in the Pac-10, and that's a positive. Clearly there is a reason he went undrafted that I am missing. Hogs Haven reader Justin, take it away:
Justin Hickman
Is the only DL (DE, specifically) that we signed undrafted.  He's a Mathis type (6'1" 255, roughly) with good speed.  Unfortuantely, what I've read about him is not favorable.  He'll need alot of work, and unless he cranks it up and gets around the edge, I don't expect him to make the roster...
The 'Skins also signed free agent kicker Tyler Fredrickson:
Fredrickson, 6-3 and 220 pounds, is expected to compete with Shaun Suisham for the Redskins' place kicking job.

Fredrickson spent the 2006 training camp with Dallas. He has previously had NFL stints with Denver and Seattle. He first entered the NFL in 2004 with the Seahawks and played his college ball at California.

This might sound strange after I just admitted a favoritism towards fair competition, but I question the necessity of this move. I think Shaun Suisham earned the starting kicker role with the team last year. For most positions, like linebacker or cornerback or defensive end, for instance, a little competition forces the best out of all involved. But kicking is such a mentally dominated position that I wonder what bringing Fredrickson will do to Suisham as a kicker. Do we really want to lay additional pressure on Suisham for Tyler Fredrickson? Am I off base on this, reader(s)?