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We have "substantial interest" in Ben Taylor

Remember the source, though. I don't even want to point this out as I feel like I'm contributing to the endless parade of players the Redskins are "interested" in, though it's a slow day so why not. Per Packersnews (Hat tip: Extreme Skins):

Returning to Green Bay is appealing to [Linebacker Ben] Taylor in part because he knows the system and could back up all three linebacker positions. The Washington Redskins also have shown substantial interest this offseason, [Taylor's Agent Bob] Lattinville said, noting his client probably won't sign anywhere until next month.
Uhhh, yea. First off I don't believe the Agent, as just as likely he's generating interest in his own player. At some point the whole "Redskins are interested" line is going to go threadbare on these Agents, as teams realize it's just a ploy. It has to be a ploy, as the majority of players we're "interested" in never end up here. Then again, many do...

Ok, so if we want to believe the agent, this cannot be good news for any Redskins linebackers. Despite having what, on paper, looks like a pretty solid unit (London Fletcher, Marcus Washington, Rocky McIntosh, all backed up by Lemar Marshall) the team has shown "interest" in no fewer than two additional linebackers. Don't worry about the front four's lack of a pass rush, Redskins.

Focusing on Taylor, what he's famous for is being injured and we don't need that. That said, his last contract was either league minimum or damn close to it:

The Packers hoped Taylor would compete for a starting spot when they signed him to a one-year contract worth roughly $665,000 last March.
So we're not talking about a high priced FA by any stretch of the imagination. Even if we're interested in this guy, I don't see him being brought in to start. And I don't see us shelling out big bucks to do so either, despite our historical willingness to do so.

I am substantially uninterested in this story (after I make a long post about it, pffft).